Simple Fondant cake Idea For Kids and Beginners

Fondant Cake

This is a great project for beginners.  My 13 year old daughter made this cake.  She wanted to try working with fondant.  We have seen so many fondant cakes and they always look so flawless and smooth.  I thought it would be difficult to achieve the look, but surprisingly it was very simple.

For the cake base she made a vanilla cake with a tie-dye pattern.  To achieve the tie-dye pattern she separated the cake batter into 4 bowls.  The colors she chose were green, pink, blue, and purple.  She added food coloring to each bowl of batter until she reached the desired color.  To achieve the tie-dye color in the pan she poured each color one fourth a cup at a time into the cake pan starting in the middle until she had used all the cake batter. 

After the cake had been baked she covered it in a thin layer of vanilla frosting and began working on the fondant. You can purchase pre-made fondant online or even at your local Michaels craft store.  After removing the fondant from the package you must roll it out until it is big enough to cover the entire cake's surface.  Once the fondant has been rolled out place it over the top of the cake, smooth out any bumps, and cut the excess fondant off at the bottom.

For the decorations on the cake we used our extra fondant, cookie cutters, food dye, wooden skewers, and water.  To dye the fondant just add a few drops of food coloring and mix it in with your hands.  After dying the fondant roll it out into a thin layer and use the cookie cutter to cut the shapes you would like to put on your cake.  My daughter used the a small star, large star, and small circle cookie cutters.  To apply the polka dots to the cake, she rubbed a small amount of water on the bottom and placed it on the desired spot on he cake.  To color the wooden skewers she used food coloring.  When she attached the stars to the skewers she used a small amount of water to make it stick and then put them in the fridge to harden. 

This cake was so fun and easy to make. I was excited to share it with you.  Have fun creating you own cake!
fondant cake idea

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